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You never know what's lurking in the water.

If you “drained” your 401(k) plan, what would you find?


All too often, in our experience, there are nasty surprises hidden just below the surface. Some are glaringly obvious while others are more covert – but equally damaging. The key is knowing where to look.


Here are the top 5 problems we find when reviewing 401(k) plans.

Fortunately, all five of these hidden problems can be uncovered through Invisor’s free 401(k) review. There are only four pieces of information we need for the review, and they will take you less than 15 minutes to collect. We take it from there.


There is no obligation to work with us after we provide your 401(k) review, and you will get a tremendous amount of valuable information at no charge. Just consider it our contribution to helping you meet your responsibilities as a plan sponsor.


When was the last time you drained the water from your 401(k) plan? Isn’t it about time you did?


You might be surprised by what’s hiding just below the surface.

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